Shooting Coins and Loose Change B-ROLL PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY

What do you do when you want to be flashy with money but you don’t have any!? You flash of loose change instead! I’m all for doing the best with what you got and getting creative within the boundaries. A lot of the shots from my last shoot wouldn’t have worked with paper money, so all in all I guess it’s a good thing I’m a poor bastard, haha!⁣

Although the similarities aren’t that obvious, this shoot was inspired by the style of @jordi.koalitic. His Instagram grid is just insane, and very interesting to follow along to. A lot of his content may come of as over the top, but he’s BTS videos usually shows some pretty low key locations and props. But just because the setup is simple, does NOT mean it’s easy to pull of! So hats off to you Jordi. You’re a true badass photographer!