How to shoot professional product photos and videos of a spray painted golden pineapple with a minimal setup on a low budget.

Recently I saw a video by @mangostreetlab where they shot some conceptual still life photos aka spray painted fruit floating in the air. It was really well made, insightful and cool. It got me inspired to do something similar. ⁣

I went out, bought a pink paper roll to use as a backdrop, some cans of gold spray paint and a pineapple. I wanted to create that poppy-disco vibe in my photos that I’m a big fan of.⁣

Big challenge to spray paint, since the pineapple kept sucking up all the paint. After 4 layers of paint it started to look like a real life golden pineapple.⁣

If you’re on a tight budget, like I’m almost all the time, a paper backdrop combined with ambient light will work well. But keep in mind that if the paper is thin, the light stand holding the backdrop will show through the paper, and paper has a tendency to wrinkle if it’s handled to ruff. But you work with what you got.⁣