How to shoot professional product photos and videos of a ukulele with a minimal setup on a low budget.

In 2016 my girls @petra_polly_the_staffies got me this ukulele from Chateau as a Christmas present. A really nice present. I thought since I had some basic guitar knowledge, it wouldn’t be hard to learn how to play the ukulele. That was before I realized how small a ukulele really is. I learned a few chords, but didn’t actually learn how to play it. Should defiantly start learning again. ⁣

The thought behind props and location for this shoot was to go for a natural vibe, since we’re dealing with a product made out of wood. So I chose a brown paper roll as a backdrop. Originally the idea was to use twigs as props, but I forgot to go out and actually find some in the woods. Despite no props, I think it turned out ok.