Intro segment:

This proposal is for the creation of a promotional video of the “fictional school”.

This new promo video will bring fresh and exciting insight into the incredible experience a year at the “fictional school” can offer. We would be creating something that is captivating for both children, teens and parents.

Watching the video will help to ease potential concern a student may have about moving abroad, but also spike their curiosity by showing how exciting and engaging a year (or more) in Spain can be. We will capture the epic nature, beaches-life and the local community - as well as highlight from the school and what it can offer their students.



  • Create incredible video content showcasing the experience of schooling in Spain.

  • Showcase the multiple layers of life in the mediterranean (fun, adventure, challenge, beauty, learning, friends, growth, etc.)

  • Position “Fictional school” as the right choice.

  • Promote “Fictional School” via social platforms using this video content.

  • Increase number of students at “Fictional School”.



The quote for this project is assuming we are shooting August-September 2019.

Project shooting dates:

You get my personal passion, all the way through this project. I will poor my heart into planing, shooting and editing to make this project the best as it can be. Not only will I make sure that the end product looks professional, but I will use all my skills so that it also helps you get noticed by more students and hopefully will increase “Fictional schools” number of students.

My commitment: